• A group of business people sitting around a table and talking
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    pixelfit via Getty Images

    Longtime Portland Trail Blazers GC says relationship-building was key

    In-house legal leaders don’t always need to play hardball to produce positive results, according to Ben Lauritsen, who worked in the NBA for 13 years.

    By March 24, 2023
  • NLRB GC says recent severance decision applies retroactively

    The general counsel’s March 22 memo addresses key questions in the aftermath of the NLRB’s McLaren Macomb decision. 

    By Caroline Colvin • March 24, 2023
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    scyther5 via Getty Images

    Knowing how to push back is key to negotiating commercial agreements

    If you care about five points, try to push back on at least eight matters. That provides room to give in on the three or four extraneous items. 

    By David Siegel • March 23, 2023
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    AndreyPopov via Getty Images

    Privacy laws create tussles over contract liability limits

    Customers increasingly want companies to assume liability over data issues but how much is reasonable is negotiable, in-house counsel say.

    By March 22, 2023
  • The Federal Trade Commission headquarters is pictured in Washington, D.C. The agency's proposed noncompete ban may face legal challenges on several grounds.
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    RiverNorthPhotography via Getty Images

    FTC strikes again on noncompetes

    The Federal Trade Commission continues to challenge companies’ use of the agreements as unfair practices under Section 5 of the FTC Act.

    By March 20, 2023
  • A businessperson's hand below an AI-powered brain
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    Shutthiphong Chandaeng via Getty Images

    How AI can improve modern contract management

    DocuSign’s legal chief highlights that the more interconnected a contracting workflow is, the more opportunities AI has to learn from the system and accelerate individual steps.

    By Jim Shaughnessy • March 20, 2023
  • An employee gets into his car after arriving to work to a shuttered Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) headquarters in Santa Clara, California.
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    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

    Why legal teams got involved with the SVB response

    In crisis situations, in-house counsel are often called upon to help review contracts and assist with communications.

    By March 17, 2023
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    imaginima via Getty Images

    How Irene Liu advises GCs at growing technology companies

    The former Checkr and Hopin legal chief says legal leaders need to support the sales engine and should consider proactive engagement with government regulators.

    By March 10, 2023
  • A lawyer works at their computer
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    anyaberkut via Getty Images

    The benefits of a combined ELM and CLM platform

    For legal teams grappling with more demands on their time and stricter budgets, it’s critical to harness the right resources and connect those resources strategically.

    By Aaron Pierce • March 9, 2023
  • An employee signs a severance agreement
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    AmnajKhetsamtip via Getty Images

    Severance ruling should be taken with ‘grain of salt,’ Baker McKenzie says

    Attorneys at the global law firm suggested the NLRB’s recent decision does not have as sweeping implications for employers as some may think.

    By March 8, 2023
  • A hologram of a contract
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    MARHARYTA MARKO via Getty Images

    Contracts-focused tech companies secure new investments

    SpotDraft, LexCheck, Robin AI, SirionLabs and Henchman have all announced multi-million dollar funding rounds amid an uncertain economy.

    By March 7, 2023
  • The letters AI on a digital block
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    BlackJack3D via Getty Images

    How legal teams are using Luminance for AI-powered automation

    Koch and the Big Four accountancies are among the customers using the platform to assist with contract generation and review.

    By March 6, 2023
  • The Federal Trade Commission headquarters is pictured in Washington, D.C. The agency's proposed noncompete ban may face legal challenges on several grounds.
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    RiverNorthPhotography via Getty Images

    Glass-making giants agree to stop using non-competes

    Two of the world’s largest manufacturers of bottles and other containers settled Federal Trade Commission allegations that they stifled competition by restricting where former employees could work.

    By March 1, 2023
  • A printed-out severance agreement
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    Hailshadow via Getty Images

    NLRB’s severance ruling has broad implications for employers

    Attorneys advise businesses to review severance agreements carefully for both union and non-union employees following the labor board’s McLaren Macomb decision.

    By Feb. 28, 2023
  • The Players Tailgate Hosted By Bobby Flay Presented By Bullseye Event Group For Super Bowl LVII
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    Jesse Grant / Stringer via Getty Images

    For the lawyers, the Super Bowl can be super fun

    Given the chance to help shape the big event, attorneys donate hours of work to ensure the hotels are ready, the sponsors fulfill their pledges and the music doesn’t upset the licensing companies.

    By Feb. 22, 2023
  • A screenshot of Ironclad's AI Assist functionality in action
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    Courtesy of Ironclad

    How Ironclad uses GPT-3 to assist with contract redlining

    The CLM provider worked with OpenAI to produce a feature designed to boost the speed and consistency of contract review.

    By Feb. 9, 2023
  • A chief legal officer meets with members of her team
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    VioletaStoimenova via Getty Images

    How one-person legal teams can scale their efforts

    Creating a legal intake process and implementing a CLM system can generate efficiencies that support a company’s growth, Mattermost’s VP of Legal says.

    By Jan. 31, 2023
  • signing of business contract concept
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    Rudzhan Nagiev via Getty Images

    Recession-proofing: Reduce revenue loss from poor contract management

    Implementing a CLM strategy can serve as a self-funding transformation project by making companies more agile and better able to handle economic uncertainty.

    By Rajeev Kumar • Jan. 18, 2023
  • The Federal Trade Commission headquarters is pictured in Washington, D.C. The agency's proposed noncompete ban may face legal challenges on several grounds.
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    RiverNorthPhotography via Getty Images
    Deep Dive

    ‘Take a deep breath’ in response to FTC noncompete ban, attorneys say

    Despite the hurdles the proposed rule faces, employers still may need to pay attention to how it interacts with state and local laws.

    By Ryan Golden • Jan. 18, 2023
  • Man with pen signing e-contract with e-signature near printer with document and safe lock.
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    Sensvector via Getty Images

    CLM provider Agiloft launches new training program for contract pros

    The contract lifecycle management company said its university-style offering will help legal professionals develop business-critical skills.

    By Jan. 12, 2023
  • McDonald's
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    Hannelore Foerster / Stringer via Getty Images

    Ex-McDonald’s CEO to pay $400,000 for false statement

    Stephen Easterbrook’s civil penalty to the SEC for misleading the board on his physical relationships with employees pales next to the $105M in equity he agreed to return to his former company.

    By Jan. 11, 2023
  • Betting tickets and cash sitting next to a football
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    Seth Love via Getty Images

    Former NFL attorney details his work on league’s sports betting deals

    Doug Mishkin, a new partner at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, will bring his in-house experience handling the league’s sports gambling-related transactions to bear.

    By Jan. 9, 2023
  • Forecast
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    Natali_Mis via Getty Images
    Deep Dive

    6 in-house legal trends to watch in 2023

    Legal chiefs will be expected to do more with less even while operational costs rise and compliance risks grow.

    By Robert Freedman and Lyle Moran • Jan. 6, 2023
  • Landscape photo of Owen Denby, SecurityScorecard's general counsel
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    Courtesy of SecurityScorecard

    How SecurityScorecard uses flexible talent for assistance with contracts

    The cybersecurity company’s GC says utilizing attorneys from Lawtrades has helped his small legal team handle spikes in commercial contracts work.

    By Jan. 4, 2023
  • A screenshot of Lexion's AI Contract Assist in action
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    Courtesy of Lexion

    Lexion leverages GPT-3 technology to assist attorneys with contracts

    The software company said its new AI-powered tool will speed up contract turnaround times by generating clause language and producing suggested redlines.

    By Dec. 21, 2022