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    For startups, a smart board strategy can be game-changing

    The FTX debacle illustrates the benefits of creating a formal group of advisors whose experience can help management at young, fast-moving companies avoid missteps as regulatory risk grows. 

    Robert McManigal • Feb. 3, 2023
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    Structuring win-win alternative fee agreements

    Although legal departments should always drive the conversation, law firms should proactively approach clients with innovative fee structures options.

    Kris Satkunas • Feb. 1, 2023
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    How corporate counsel can lead environmental justice efforts

    If your organization is taking a stand to help the disadvantaged against disproportionate climate and pollution impacts, it will need your legal insight to do it right.

    Matthew Karmel • Jan. 24, 2023
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    Recession-proofing: Reduce revenue loss from poor contract management

    Implementing a CLM strategy can serve as a self-funding transformation project by making companies more agile and better able to handle economic uncertainty.

    Rajeev Kumar • Jan. 18, 2023
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    Lawsuit search engines can open window into companies’ legal cases

    By surfacing lawsuits without the commentary, those with an interest in a company can get an objective look at what’s going on.

    Kaylee Zhu • Dec. 21, 2022
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    Andrii Yalanskyi via Getty Images

    Managing legal and reputational risks when right-sizing your workforce

    Reductions in force can help lower your company’s operating expenses, but if not undertaken with empathy, they might have the opposite effect.

    Evandro Gigante, Noa Baddish and Melissa Overbeck • Dec. 19, 2022
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    Khanchit Khirisutchalual via Getty Images

    Seven benchmarking best practices for legal departments

    GCs can closely look at their own billing information and use it to negotiate better rates with outside law firms.

    Kris Satkunas • Dec. 16, 2022
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    pixelfit via Getty Images

    The Legal and Operations partnership, Part 2: How legal ops should work with GCs

    Mary O’Carroll: A solid relationship with your general counsel defines the level of success you’ll be able to have as a legal ops department.

    Mary O'Carroll • Dec. 6, 2022
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    The legal team of one: A trail map to success

    Legal leaders should strategically drive business growth, not just handle legal issues.

    Tim Parilla • Dec. 2, 2022
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    Embracing the paradigm shift: Enterprise legal management and AI

    AI is not coming for lawyers’ jobs but the most innovative legal departments are bolstering their arsenal with AI-enabled workflow management solutions.

    Nick Whitehouse • Nov. 28, 2022
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    Tackling labor and employment issues with a structured team solution

    For legal departments experiencing or trying to head off attrition, implementing a structured team approach is invaluable.

    Charlie Sandel • Nov. 28, 2022
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    VioletaStoimenova via Getty Images

    The Legal and Operations partnership, Part 1: How GCs should work with legal ops

    Mary O’Carroll: Even before you make your first legal ops hire, it’s important you level-set the role within your department and position it properly.

    Mary O'Carroll • Nov. 14, 2022
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    MF3d via Getty Images

    The time to start documenting the role of AI in inventions is now

    Patent law precludes AI as inventors, a federal circuit court rules. That reflects international standard, but the issue isn’t going away. 

    Robert Angle and Gerar Mazarakis • Nov. 1, 2022
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    hynci via Getty Images

    How legal ops can help build a corporate recoveries program

    Unlike defense work, recoveries requires someone to be constantly tending the garden, pushing, pulling and poking to keep things growing.

    Jessica Lynch • Oct. 28, 2022
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    fizkes via Getty Images

    How law firms are helping GCs transform in-house operations

    Outside counsel are differentiating themselves by offering matter management and other technology tools that can help general counsel combine legal success with administrative efficiencies.     

    Sheila Gormley • Oct. 14, 2022
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    Moving past confusion to ensure corporate compliance with privacy restrictions

    There are steps companies can take now, merger and non-merger related, to address data privacy issues.

    Joey Seeber • Oct. 11, 2022
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    HRAUN via Getty Images

    Recent trends make the case for digitizing legal matter management

    Inflation, remote work and synchronous tools are driving the rationale for in-house automation.

    Jared Hostmeyer • Oct. 7, 2022
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    VioletaStoimenova via Getty Images

    How general counsel can best support their CEOs

    Command of the law should remain GCs' north star, but they can be very strong partners to their CEOs by building a matrix of expertise to draw upon.

    Shana Simmons • Sept. 21, 2022
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    The perils of navigating post-Dobbs anti-abortion enforcement regimes

    Because of the complex landscape across states, companies will need to seek counsel who are experienced in both civil and criminal courts.

    Sarah M. Hall, Edward J. Loya Jr., Elena M. Quattrone and Bailey N. Wendzel • Sept. 6, 2022
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    guvendemir via Getty Images

    What legal departments need to know about building a data security and privacy program

    General counsel play a key role in developing an enterprise-wide infrastructure that can keep pace with the rapidly changing threat landscape and regulatory environment.  

    Kara Hilburger • Aug. 26, 2022
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    Cemile Bingol via Getty Images

    How smart contracts and blockchain are evolving NDA workflows

    Immutability, stake-of-proof, anonymization and other perks of smart contracts and blockchain can help expedite NDA and CLM processes.

    Naseeha Machingal • Aug. 23, 2022
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    DragonImages via Getty Images

    7 ways to ruin your CLM technology implementation

    Legal teams tend to hit the same roadblocks when implementing contract lifecycle management technology. Here’s a roadmap for avoiding them. 

    Michael Callier • Aug. 8, 2022
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    g-stockstudio via Getty Images

    Legal ops investment continues even as pandemic pressures fade

    What started as compulsory technology adoption to manage through the pandemic has turned into long-term investments.

    Alex Kelly • Aug. 4, 2022
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    4 ways to quantify the legal department’s impact

    Measuring the value of a legal department requires the use of subjective standards that go beyond traditional profit-and-loss metrics. 

    Curtis Lu • Aug. 4, 2022
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    Making your first legal ops hire? Look for these 7 skills

    Overall, you want to hire someone with experience in building, managing, and scaling programs at a very strategic level.

    Mary O'Carroll • Aug. 3, 2022