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    Knowing how to push back is key to negotiating commercial agreements

    If you care about five points, try to push back on at least eight matters. That provides room to give in on the three or four extraneous items. 

  • A woman lawyer stands in an officer with her arms crossed
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    Women eclipsed men in Fortune 500 GC appointments last year

    The ethnic diversity of legal chief selections at large companies also rose to a record level in 2022, according to a Russell Reynolds Associates report.

  • A person stands outside of a building that says 'Silicon Valley Bank' with their hand on their chin.
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    SVB Financial says FDIC has $2B of its cash

    It likely won't have access to the cash, which would be used to pay back creditors, for months.

  • A workplace poster published by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
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    EEOC raises fine for notice-posting violations to $659

    Employers must place notices where workers will see them — often at a physical location, online or both, according to the agency.

  • The Federal Trade Commission headquarters is pictured in Washington, D.C. The agency's proposed noncompete ban may face legal challenges on several grounds.
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    FTC strikes again on noncompetes

    The Federal Trade Commission continues to challenge companies’ use of the agreements as unfair practices under Section 5 of the FTC Act.

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    How legal teams are tapping flexible talent amid tight budgets

    Litigation and claims management professionals are in high demand on Consilio’s TalentConnect platform, as are contracting pros. 

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    Software vendors race to bet on ChatGPT craze

    Microsoft recently said it was planning to bring ChatGPT-like features to Microsoft 365 and Salesforce has unveiled a ChatGPT app for its Slack business messaging platform.

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    Cybersecurity market confronts potential consequences of banking crisis

    Bank seizures impose new challenges on vendors in every segment and may spur consolidation.

  • An employee gets into his car after arriving to work to a shuttered Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) headquarters in Santa Clara, California.
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    Why legal teams got involved with the SVB response

    In crisis situations, in-house counsel are often called upon to help review contracts and assist with communications.

  • Worried Businessman
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    Keeping emotion out of trade secret theft claims

    Having someone other than the CEO recommend a course of action can help the decision-making process.

  • A businessperson's hand below an AI-powered brain
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    How AI can improve modern contract management

    DocuSign’s legal chief highlights that the more interconnected a contracting workflow is, the more opportunities AI has to learn from the system and accelerate individual steps.

  • Corporate compliance
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    Preparing for DOJ’s compensation pilot without going out on a limb

    Companies can show the agency they’re prepared to tie compensation to compliance while leaving the toughest details to when it’s involved in an enforcement action.

  • U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission exterior
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    Jury can ‘watch the watchmen,’ hear claim EEOC underpaid Black woman

    The commission typically handles workplace bias claims but is uniquely not in a position to do so in this case, a judge said.

  • Senate Holds Hearing On Reform Of US Financial Market Regulations
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    SEC proposes cybersecurity disclosure rules for financial industry specialists

    The changes would require broker-dealers and other entities to adopt written plans to minimize risk and promptly disclose major incidents.

  • bankruptcy
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    Rules could limit creditors’ gains if SVB parent files for bankruptcy

    Regulators could use sale proceeds to help pay depositors, limiting proceeds from the sale of healthy SVB Financial Group assets, reports say.

  • An employee gets into his car after arriving to work to a shuttered Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) headquarters in Santa Clara, California.
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    SVB’s parent company files for bankruptcy protection

    The move will allow SVB Financial Group “to preserve value as it evaluates strategic alternatives” for venture-capital business SVB Capital and broker-dealer SVB Securities, the company said.

  • Enterprise employees wait for an in-house lawyer to address their questions
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    Legal departments are often slow to respond, internal teams say

    More enterprise employees are bypassing in-house legal teams as the quality of their interactions has declined, according to a report from Onit.

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    FLSA permits employers to dock PTO for productivity shortfalls, 3rd Cir. says

    Such deductions don’t run afoul of the law because they don’t reduce workers’ salaries, the appeals court said Wednesday.

  • People gather outside Silicon Valley Bank.
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    Deep Dive

    ‘Meme stock in reverse’: SVB collapse portends new era of viral bank runs

    SVB’s demise gave the banking sector a glimpse into how social media and digital banking can turn a financial institution from operational to insolvent in a matter of hours.

  • talc lawsuit
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    Legal leaders want to get unqualified plaintiffs out of MDLs sooner

    Too many claims that shouldn’t be in multidistrict litigation proceedings are said to be slowing down the process.

  • Michael Barr
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    Fed considers stricter capital requirements for midsize banks

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-MA, on Tuesday proposed a legislative route to do the same, but Republicans and even some Democrats are waiting on the Fed's review of recent bank failures.

  • Artificial Intelligence concept brain with CPU
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    How legal departments can get the most out of artificial intelligence

    Once you understand that AI is not going to replace human talent, it becomes more obvious that you need the right people to get the most out of the technology.

  • Former CFO sentenced in $1.9M embezzlement scheme

    The California man used his position as financial chief of an auto dealership business to issue unauthorized checks to himself and pay for personal expenses with company credit cards, according to federal prosecutors.

  • SVB
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    Was SVB CEO Becker’s $3.6M stock trade made in good faith?

    The SEC’s 10b5-1 rules just changed, but even under the earlier version, the trading plans can’t be entered into while the insider possesses material nonpublic information.

  • A customer stands outside of Silicon Valley Bank
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    Silicon Valley Bank investors sue collapsed firm’s CEO, CFO

    The proposed class action alleges the failed bank, CEO Greg Becker and CFO Daniel Beck concealed to investors the impact that high interest rates would have on the tech-focused firm’s business.